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48 7/10/2001

Books Mafateh-ul-Jinan, Sahifa-e-Kamila and Islamic Morals are now available at

47 6/15/2001

We are busy with the scannings/typing of many electronic books which will be available soon on

46 5/28/2001

Following speakers' 83 new speeches uploaded;
Abdul Hakeem Buturabi
Ehsan Hider Jawadi (Son of Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawadi)
Fazil Hussain Mosavi
Mirza Muhammad Athar
Sadiq Hasan
Zaki Baqri
Shabeh Zehra (Daughter of Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawadi)
Shehla Anwar Zaidi
Shama Hasan.

45 5/9/2001

Following 51 new components uploaded.

26 Manqabat:
Haji Ali Naqi (Balti)
Subha Doshi, India (Urdu)
Mirza Jawad Askari, India (Urdu)

25 Noha:
Abbas Raza Shah (Sraeki) - 2000
Anjuman-e-Dar-e-Abbas, Faisalabad (Punjabi) - 2000
Anjuman-e-Muhammadi Qadeem - Aafaq Hussain Rizvi (Urdu) - 2000.

44 5/4/2001

Now there are total 257 Majalis components available for the year 2001, where following is the new addition.

NOHA: Ali Waris (Urdu), Maiwa Khan (Sraeki), Dasta-e-Imam-e-Zamana (Balti), and Ladies-Unknown (Urdu)

SPEECHES: Zaki Baqri, Farah Zaidi, and Umm-e-Rabab.

Following old Noha collection is also uploaded.
Tanzeem-e-Hussaini (Nasir Hussain), Tanzeem-e-Panjtani (Sajid Hussain), and Zakir Hussain Zakir - Sraeki.

43 4/20/2001

219 Majalis Components are available for the year 2001. There are two quick links at the bottom of main page for these Majalis Components. There should be no problem to listen online or download these components. If you receive any error message, please immediately inform us.

42 4/8/2001

We are proud to announce that you can access over 60,000 minutes of Audio/Video in 9 languages from 9 different countries since 1966 to 2001. This collection also includes 217 components recited by females. There are almost 2500 active majalis files that can be accessed online.

41 3/30/2001

Following is the new addition:
9 Speeches of Jawwad Naqvi on Imamat from Abu Dhabi.
8 Speeches of Sadiq Hasan from Abu Dhabi.
Noha, 6 recited in Arabic Language.
Noha, 6 recited by Master Ghulam Abbas.
Noha, 21 recited by Anjuman-e-Gham Khawaran-e-Abbas (Ali Zia Rizvi).
Noha, 23 recited by Zulfiqar-e-Haidery (Sachey), Note that the most of these famous Nohas are written by Late Ali Muhammad Rizvi (Sachey).

We are thankful to our volunteer Muhammad Haider from Karachi, who has uploaded 9 speeches of Allama Jawwad Naqvi.

40 3/20/2001

66 New female noha entries in Sindhi language by Fouzia Soomro from 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 2000.

39 3/15/2001

Following 20 speeches are now available:
1- Abdul Hakeem (Falsafa-e-Maut) 1 Majlis.
2- Ali Murtaza Zaidi (Aaima Ki Duaoon Ki Ahmiyat) 5 Majalis of 2000.
3- Sadiq Hassan (Aik Kahani Payghumber ki Zabani) 3 Majalis of 1996 held in Abu Dhabi.
4- Aashiq Hussain B.A (in Sraeki language) 1 Majlis.
5- Ejaz Hussain Baqi (in Sraeki language) 1 Majlis.
6- Ejaz Hussain Jhandvi (in Sraeki language) 1 Majlis.
7- Irshad Hussain Khokhar (in Sraeki language) 1 Majlis.
8- Manzoor Hussain-SheikhuPura (in Sraeki language) 1 Majlis.
9- Manzoor Hussain Solangi (in Sndhi language) 6 Majalis of 2000.

38 3/14/2001

58 Man'qabat uploaded. Abrar Hussain - Urdu 9, Dasta-e-Nasiran-e-Hussain (Razi Rizvi) - Urdu 45 and Limoon Faqeer - Sindhi 4.

37 3/8/2001

44 new Noha entries. Fayyaz Hussain-2000 (Sraeki Language) 5, Anjuman-e-Haidery Ali Basti (Hussain Qaiser Rizvi) 8 and Anjuman-e-Gulzar-e-Haidery-1984, 1989, 1990, 1991 (Nadeem Sarwer) 31. Please note that we have total 140 Noha of Nadeem Sarwer.

36 3/2/2001

We are proud to announce that we have successfully crossed the 2000 number of majalis components.
Now the database has total 2030 entries and InshaAllah we will add hundreds of new components by the end of this month. Complete database statistics are here.

35 3/1/2001

35 new Noha entries. Mirza Jawwad Askari-2000 (from India) 8, Dasta-e-Nasiran-e-Hussain (Razi Rizvi) 8, Shababul Momineen (Bhola-Old Party) 9 Punjabi and 10 Urdu.

34 2/18/2001

New Persian Entries:
Aqaee Hussain Fakhri (15) and Aqaee Muhammad Zahidi (4).

New Urdu/Punjabi Entries:
Dasta Al-Abbas-2000(6 Urdu, 2 Punjabi), Iftikhar Ali-2000 (2 Urdu, 4 Punjabi, 1 Urdu Salam) and famous ladies (4 Urdu, 1 Urdu Salam)
Total New Entries=47.

33 2/15/2001

We highly acknowledge the efforts of our volunteers, specially Mr.Muhammad Hussain Poonawala, who provided a lot of Shia Email addresses to be included in our mailing list.

32 2/9/2001

We proudly announce the uploading of 311 audio Naat in Arabic, English, Punjabi and Urdu languages at . It is, certainly, a great collection of Naat at the Internet. No other website offers this much of selection. You can select Naat by gender, language, country, topic, reciter, etc. using a friendly wizard.

31 1/31/2001

69 new Noha entries made. Muhammadi Qdeem (Afaq Hussain-1998) 8, Pasban-e-Aza (Raza Abbas Naqvi-1997) 8, Sada-e-Abbas (Yasir Raza-2000) 10, Anjuman Serweria (KairPur-1999) 9, Sheyda-e-Abbas (Nayab Hussain-2000) 8, Tableeq-e-Hussaini (Aziz Haider-2000) 11, Tableeq-e-Imamia (Nazim Hussain) 7, and Zulfiqar-e-Haidery (Sachey from USA-1999) 8.

More components will be added within few days.

30 1/28/2001

Now we are completely back on the previous status. Click here to see the details of Hard Disk Crisis.

We are highly thankful to visitors for their patience. A lot of new components have been recorded. Very soon we will inform you for the new components. We assure you to upload hundreds of more new components within a month.

29 12/24/2000

Unfortunately our Web Server's hard disk is completely crashed. The service provider has replaced with a new one, but without data. They are facing shortage of staff for restoring from tape backup due to long holidays here.

We may not be in a position to play all audio or video components for at least a couple of more days. We are not depending on the tape backup from the service provider, and started re-uploading from our local servers to the web server.

We are extremely sorry for this machine fault and interruption to our services. Still trying our best to restore services as soon as possible.

28 12/22/2000

One of the hard disk in our server is crashed (about 24 hours bofore) and you may not acess audio/video files as we have immediately indicated on the first page.

We are trying to repair but still unable to restore the audio/video services, email services and some other domains including We are extremely sorry for the inconveniences in this regard. As soon as hard disk is repaired, you may be able to access audio/video files.

27 12/19/2000

50 new Noha entries belong to GhamKhawran-e-Auon-o-Muhammad-2000, Hilal-e-Eman-2000, Muhammad Jafer-India (Hadees-e-Kisa), and Hasan Sadiq 92, 93, 97, 98, 99.

26 12/12/2000

Happy Birthday of Imam Hasan a.s.

On this great day, we are proud to announce for FREE email accounts you@ImamBargah.NET and you@ShiaMasjid.NET

Welcome to the World's first Real Shia Free Email Service. We have our own email server and licensed software, we are not affiliated with or any other third party email server. Remember that most of the websites use third party email servers and have no control on the user's data and messages, therefore less secure for Shia Community.
Your profile data and messages are 100% secure and confidential with us. All of your data is encrypted by specially developed very complex algorithms before saving in database, no one can undrstand even if hacked, while hacking is almost impossible at our servers.
ENJOY ! ! !

25 12/10/2000

On the demand of visitors, downloadable file sizes are included just under the save icon. It will be helpful to decide before downloading, specially for video files which are always very large to download. Over 1500 file sizes are updated while remaining are in progress and will be completed within 24 hours.
Note: In file size "K" is used for exact 1000 bytes rather than 1024 bytes and same is for "M".

24 12/8/2000

61 new components added, 27 Nohas as Arakeen-e-Hussaini - Urdu (8), GhamKhawaran-e-Abbas - Urdu (8), Dasta-e-Jafarya - Urdu (7) and Persian (2), Dasta Shah Ghazi - Urdu (8) and Sraeki (2), Farah Khanum - Punjabi (12), while 14 speeches as Shamim Rizvi - Urdu (9) and Jane Ali Shah Kazmi - Sindhi (5).

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