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23 12/2/2000

We were busy to upgrade our computers and peripheral devices. Now we have acquired the most latest equipment. Local Area Network and Intranet are also introduced in the system that will enable us to speed up our jobs and serve you better.

Uploading of more Majalis components is still going on.

22 11/26/2000

More video speeches uploaded. Sadiq Hasan - Dubai (9), Talib Johri - Pakistan (8) and Zaki Baqri - Canada (8).

21 11/24/2000

Now you can access over 60 noha videos of Gulzar-e-Haidery (Nadeem Sarwer).

We are extremely sorry to someone who tried to access the majalis of Haider Zaman Naqvi few days ago, but received an error message. It was due to mistake of filename code in database, while the majalis components were there. Now it has been resolved.

Please immediately inform us whenever you receive any error message.

20 11/20/2000

46 Video speeches have been updated in database.

Aqeel Gharavi-India (10), Ali Naqi Naqqan-India (8), Kalbe Sadiq-India (8), Talib Johri-Pakistan (9), and Zaki Baqri-Canada (11).

Just wait, over 60 noha videos of Gulzar-e-Haidery (Nadeem Sarwer) are comming soon.

19 11/18/2000

A number of videos have been uploaded while the database will be updated within next 48 hours.

18 11/16/2000

We are very busy with data backup procedures. Initially we were using hard disk mirroring for data backups. Now it has decided to keep backup of entire site on CD-ROMs to avoid virus danger and some other technical problems. Another reason is the possible chances of hacking, since we are going to allow some of visitors to directly upload their Majalis Components on our server.

Beside all of it the uploading of new Majalis Cmponents is still going on...

17 11/14/2000

We always welcome visitors to sign the guest book. The visitor should write GENERAL remarks, comments, comparison or evaluate ourselves in any way or by any means.

If visitors have anything specific or need a reply, they should use our Feed Back Form that will enable us to serve you better.

We are not imposing any restriction on visitors, but would like to mention that the visitor should write general matter.

REMEMBER that the guest book entries are not supposed to be replied.

16 11/12/2000

Congratulations on the Birthday of Imam-e-Zamana a.s.

Further 153 Shia website links have been included in database that reflects total 253 links. It has become a very concise database for the Shia website visitors. Now you have the chance to globally search for another better site that may satisfy your specific needs.

Keep searching...

15 11/11/2000

We have tested the UPLOADING feature, now it is ready to use.

Any one who would like to upload his/her Majalis Components, may use this feature. You will be able to directly upload your Majalis Components in our web server. Please fill our online application form for the necessary evaluation.

We will be happy to receive your Majalis Components.

14 11/10/2000

A lot of more components have been added. Current database shows 1,642 active components as compare to previous 1,431 active components.

The new components are included in ManQabat (36), Salam (10), Speech (52), Noha (112), etc.

We still need your feedback.

13 11/8/2000

Recently we have uploaded 43 videos in Real Format. Most of the videos are in speech and noha category. We have written alphabet " V " on Play Button for the indication of video. The uploading of videos has taken a lot of time.
Even though we have a real server that sends the real digital audio/video streams (not http) without any downloading time, But you must be sure to have a fast Internet connectivity to watch videos, otherwise you may not be able to see continuous video streams.

We have also uploaded 27 more Persian language components. Now we may welcome our Persian visitors.

12 11/2/2000

We are continuously uploading and updating database for more majalis components.

Recently we have uploaded around 200 majalis components. Now our database shows over 1400 majalis components.

Please be specific to select options on wizard pages, otherwise you may get a very long list.

We need your feedback.

11 11/1/2000

By the grace of almighty Allah j.j., we have started the online TESTING of

<< You are warmly welcome >>

Please try to browse entire site and let us know your Feedback. Your comments are asolutely very important for us, specially at this beginning stage.

Inform us for any fault, un-declared ommisions, un-expected error messages, wrong entries in database, invalid links, slow access, un-expected termination, etc.

If you found anything that is wrongly stated in our "Majalis Database", please let us know to correct the same.

Thanks for your visit.

10 10/31/2000


The online testing of has been started. Today is 3rd Shaban 1421, the birthday of Imam Hussain a.s.


9 10/28/2000

The Real Audio/Video Server was configured and tested. We do not need HTTP protocol streaming, our Real A/V server is capable to send Real digital streams via RTSP protocol. No downloading time required. Majalis components will be played immediately.

8 10/26/2000

We successfully hosted on the net. It was 27th Rajab 1421, the respectful Shab-e-Mairaaj.

7 10/25/2000

Online Chatting and Disscusion Boards were ready.

6 10/17/2000

Data uploading was started.

5 10/12/2000

The web server configured, tested, and handed over to us. It was the great day, 13th Rajab 1421, the birthday of Imam Ali a.s.

4 10/9/2000

We received our own Web Server in Taxas, USA.

3 10/1/2000

We really did hard work to collect and process a large number of majalis components in very short time.

2 5/7/2000

The domian name was booked.

1 4/1/2000

The project was started in Muharram 1421.

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