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Accessing Majalis Components

When you click on desired Majlis Component, a new browser window will start automatically. There are two predefined ways to access Majalis Components.
a) Quick Selection
b) Custom Selection

a) Quick Selection
At the moment it is the default setting for Hadees-e-Kisa and Ziarat. When you press Hadees-e-Kisa or Ziarat button, no wizard will start. All existing entries of Hadees-e-Kisa or Ziarat will be displayed one page at a time.

b) Custom Selection
This option is available for Mona'jaat, Man'qabat, Salam, Souz, Mersiya, Ruba'ee, Speech and Noha. When you press required majalis component button, a user-friendly wizard will start that lets you choose some of the basic criteria for majalis components. The wizard pages will run in the following order:

Wizard's First Page: Gender
First decide which gender you would like to access. There are two options:
1) Male
2) Female
By default "Male" is selected, It means that the list of all male performers will be displayed for the selected component.

Wizard's Second Page: Language
Second page of wizard asks for the language in which you would like to get the list. Only the available languages for THAT component+gender will be displayed in combo box.

Tip: If you would like to get majlis component in all languages then do not select any language, just press Next button.

Wizard's Third Page: Country
This page lets you to select the country where the components were performed. REMEMBER that this country does not mean the country from which performer belongs, for example, Moulana Sadiq Hasan belongs to Pakistan BUT he has delivered speeches in Pakistan, UAE, UK, etc. If you select UK in country, then only those majalis will be displayed that were performed in UK only.
Thereofre we have "ALL" in default setting and we recommend to use it.

Wizard's Fourth Page
This page has three main options, but you must have to select ONLY ONE option, or leave these options as "ALL" (however, it is not recommended), otherwise an error message will be displayed. When you leave these options "ALL", the entire list for that component is displayed from database which may be in hundreds and may take long time to download.
For Speech Component, you must select EITHER Topic, OR Masaib, OR Speaker.
For other Components, you must select EITHER Topic, OR Author, OR Speaker.

Each of the combo box will have the list of available data for your selected Gender+Language+Country.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are extremely sorry for many omissions and "unknown to us" entries, specifically in author field. We tried our best to identify the names of actual authors ( of Mersiya, Salam, Noha, etc.), but we were not successful or sure for many entries. We apologies for any inconvenience in this regard. Please tell us at for any information that we don't have.

TIP: If you did not see your required author, then try to use "unknown to us" option in author combo box(if available). You may identify your author by his work (for example the first line of Stanza).

In any way, When you press next button, a list of selected Gender+Language+Country+Topic(or Author or Speaker) will be displayed. This list can contain upto 25 entries. If your query returns more than 25 entries then you have to move between pages of list by the buttons available at the top and bottom of the list. If the query returns more than 10 pages (each of 25 entries, means over 250 entries) then First, Last, Next and Previous buttons will also appear for fast navigation between pages. Here you can either listen/watch online or download for later listening. The Play button indicates 'A' for audio and "V" for video contents.

REMEMBER that online listening may be disturbed by various factors including speed of your computer, baud rate of your MODEM, number of open browsers in your computer, services of your telecommunication company, performance of your ISP, Backbone connection of your ISP, and high traffic in our server.


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Tell a Friend
You can inform your friend about When you click here, we just ask you to type the Email address of your friend. We have pre-written text message describing in our auto responder system which will be immediately sent email to your given address. You do not need to type anything for However, optionally you may type your remarks or any short message for your friend, type it in the text box provided on that page. This message will be forwarded only once and no other message will be sent in continuation. We REQUEST you to tell as many friends as you can.


FREE Email Service
This service is available at NO COST by Your email address will look like To create an Email account just click the "FREE Email" icon. A very simple data form will appear on the screen, you need to fill it completely. If you are not sure to answer for any entry, don't worry, leave it blank or type any arbitrary value, later you can change/update your profile (almost all entries).
You can create any number of email accounts for your personal or commercial purposes. All email accounts are 100% secure and private, no one at can see, forward or make copies of your email, however we may not guarantee for hacking through illegal access by anonymous. In case of hacking, we may support you at our full extent to trace the hacker and managing all legal actions you would like to take against hacker.
Remember that we have secure servers and there is no chance for any illegal access, therefore we can give you surety for confidentiality of your emails.


We need your feedback because it is very important for our current services and to set future targets. It is also helpful to remove problems, errors, mis-concepts, etc. from our site. We may also improve the layout and accessing of our pages according to your following requirements.
What do you want more?
How do you want to access
How can we improve our services?
Is there any procedure you feel very complex to use or understand?
Any other improvements or simplifications that you may suggest, etc. etc.

A very simple page will appear when you click on Feedback, fill it with your comments, views, suggestions, objections, etc. We assume that you do not need answer in the reply of your feedback. If you need any reply please remebre to check the radio button for reply on feedback form. As a default setting, we will keep your email address in our mailing list to send newsletters or other information related to on freqently basis., if you do not wish to be included in our mailing list, simply click on No option.


Using FAQs
This section is updated on monthly basis, usually within first week of each month. It contains the questions asked by general public. Please note that some of the "Technological" questions may also be included in this section, only if they are asked by many users.

If you could not found your question in this list, please feel free to ask us at, the same link is also available at the end of question list.


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Guest Book
Currently no help is available for this section.


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Shia Links
This section contains a long list of other shia web site addresses. These addresses are either included on request by their owners or by ourselves. We are not responsible for the contents, accuracies, etc. on these sites. If you would like to include your site in this list, then request us at for the entry. The entire list is divided into pages of 100 addresses. You can move between the pages by the buttons available at the top and bottom.


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Shia Chat
Currently no help is available for this section.



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Upload Your Majalis Components
You can upload your files dircetly to our web server. Please Apply to get uploading code and detailed guidelines for uploading.


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Database Statistics
This option lets you know the detailed statistical information of our Majalis database.


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Religious Photos
It is a large archive of photos related to Islam and specific to Shia Sect. There are main categories and sub-categories to choose. After that a list of all available photographs will be displayed in the form of Thumbnails with captions. To see Full/Large photograph click on the required Thumbnail.

Even though these photographs are sufficiently good on monitor, but may not produce good printouts, because they are scanned at very low resolution, from 72DPI-300DPI, depending on the quality and size of original photograph. Main reason to scan at low resolution is the limited web space to store these photographs. We may increase their resolution when we will have more web space in future. However, you may request us at to obtain any particular photograph in a better quality, we may arrange to send it to you via email.


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