Help for Uploadings


Follow these instructions when you are recording from a Cassette.

1- Record the audio file in MP3 format (at least CD-Quality). We may also collect this MP3 file, if possible.

2- You may use Jet Audio or any other software to record.

3- Give the file name as "ABC00001.mp3" where ABC will be the abbrivation of your name assigned by us. Do not use any other abbriviation.

4- Do not include complete "Khutba" (Arabic recitation), BUT must included the Verses (Aayat) recited by the speaker. You should listen some speeches from our site as a sample.

5- There must not be any silence when you change the side A to side B of an audio cassette. Pay attention to recording after 20 mintues of start (for 60 minute cassette), because it may stop at any time since you have forwarded Khutba. Be alert to press PAUSE button of recording software as soon as voice stops.

6- Now change the cassette side and continue recording.

7- You must estimate the end position of speech/Noha in advance otherwise must be alert by keeping your hand over mouse/keyboard to stop/pause recording.

8- Do not include mersia, souz, etc. with speech, record each component as a separate file.

9- All individual Nohas must be recorded in separate files. Do not record entire noha cassette in one MP3 file.

10- You should listen the entire MP3 file to make sure for proper recording.

Note: If you are recording directly in Real Format, please see the following guidelines for target audience, stream rate, recording option and other parameters.


Convert to real media format

1- Now convert MP3 file into Real Media Format by using Real Producer. Give the same name "abc00001.rm" BUT the alphabets must be in lowercase.

2- Set target audience at 6.5kbps (Voice only)

3- Use "Single Rate Web server and RelaServer G2 compatible" file.

4- Check "Allow Rocording" option if available anywhere.

5- Assign parameters as:

Title :
It should be the topic of speech/first line of Noha/souz/etc.
Author :
Type ""
Type the name of performer as Speaker/Anjuman-name(Sahib-e-Bayaz). See the examples from our website.



1- Now you should consider to edit/remove the un-necessary parts of the Real Media clip. These parts may include;

a) Extra recording before/after the speech/noha

b)Any silence due to the change of cassette's side

c) Any type of announcements during the speech by any third person or even by speaker

d) Any other disturbance due to which the speaker was stopped

e) Un-necessarily long/many "Naray, Wah Wah, Salawat, etc."

Remember that if you can reduce just 5 minutes from a speech, we may save the space on our server for one Noha. Please reduce timmings as much as you can.

2- To determine the cutting timings, play real media file in any player and write down the starting and ending times of proper recording (excluding cuttings). For example, actual speech was started at 00:00:48, the cassette was suddenly stopped at 00:27:18 and there was a silence then speech again started from 00:29:06 and finaly the speech ends at 00:54:13 Now the timmings for cutting will be:

first clip = 00:00:48 to 00:27:18
second clip = 00:29:06 to 00:54:13

3- For the cutting of these clips use "Real Media Tools" software.

4- You must listen entire real media file for the accuracy of cuttings OR at least listen those areas where you did cut.

Note: If you wish to avoid editting then you must need to pay attentions during recording MP3. Properly recorded file never needs to be edited.


Make a Text File

We need a text file for databse record. Type one text file for each real media file. You may use "Edit" or "Notepad" program. This text file should contain the following lines:

Your name:
Your email address:

For Speeches

Type : Audio/video/text
Gender : Male/Female
Category : Speech
Name of speaker :  
Title of speech : (as typed in real media file)
Topic : (see the list from website)
Majlis Number : (in case of Ashra-10)
Masaib : (see the list from website)
Language :  
Duration :  
Country: (where it was performed)
Year : (in which year performed)


For Noha, Mersia, etc.

Type : Audio/video/text
Gender : Male/Female
Category : Kisa/monajaat/manqabat/souz/salam/mersia/rubaee/noha/ziarat
Name of speaker :  
Name of Anjuman :  
Topic : (See list from website)
Fisrt line :  
Poet :  
Language :  
Duration :  
Country : (where it was performed)
Year : (in which year performed)

Note: In case of incomplete information, we may not be able to proceed quickly, while in case of non-availability of this file we will NOT include your components in database untill you provide the same within 10 days of your media files uploading. All files older than 10 days are automatically removed from uploading folders.


Ready to Upload

You have gone through some difficult or technical procedures but uploading is very simple procedure. We have made it as easy as simple browsing and windows explorer. You can just copy/paste or drag/drop the real media files to upload and nothing else.

1- Start Internet Explorer, Netscape or any other compatible browser.

2- Type "" in address/location bar and press Enter.
(Remember that it is server NOT

a) If any warning appears, just close it.
b) If it asks for the password, type your email address as password.

3- Now select the files from your hard disk, copy them and paste on the above window
of Internet explorer. You may also use drag and drop.

4- File uploading will start automatically just as copying from one folder to another in your hard disk.

Remember: Don't upload anything else other than real media, text, graphics files. Uploading of pirated software or violations of copyrights are strictly prohibited on this server.

Note: Whenever you log in this server, your IP address is automatically traced and recorded in log file for security reasons. Any illegal action will be prosecuted accordingly.


Problems with Uploadings

You may experience some common problems with uploadings.

1- This site can not resume broken uploads.

2- If your ISP line is disconneted, you need to re-send entire file again with a different file name. This site can not over-write an existing file due to security reasons.

3- When re-sending a file, use the same file name but add an alphabet at the end of file name. For example, You were sending a file "sha00001.rm" and telephone line was diconnnected. Now re-name the file as "sha00001a.rm", re-connect your ISP and to ftp site, then send this file. If line is again disconnected, rename the file with next alphabet (that is 'b') and re-send. You may repeat untill the successful uploading.

4- When you successfully uploaded all files (including text files), immediately inform for your uploadings, compulsorily indicating all of the successfully uploaded file names. Do not include the file names of incomplete/broken uploads.

Remember: Your uploaded files will remain in uploaded folder for 10 days only, after which they will be automatically deleted. If you fail to inform us, the files could be lost and you will be required to upload them again. Therefore, please be prompt to inform us intime.


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