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You can help us for this noble cause by several ways. We must need your active email address for correspondance with you. If you do not have any email address then you may create one from our main home page. You must belong to Shia Community (any sub-sect).
First you need to apply by filling the following form. We will contact you after reviewing and evaluating your application. When you are selected as a volunteer, we will provide you the detailed guidelines and instruction for "How to help us".
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What could you do for ImamBargah.com from the following list?
I may arrange audio/video cassettes.
I may record majalis in MP3 and Real Audio format.
I may provide Islamic photographs (specially related to Shia).
I may provide Electronic Books.
I may provide important Shia news (that may be valuable for large audience)
I may advertize for ImamBargah.com (in any way).
I may arrange for donations.
I may capture live majalis in my city and broadcast to you.
I may help you to build/redesign other websites for Shia community.
I may help you for web hosting services.
I may take care of technical problems at your web sites.
Please specify, if you can do any thing else?


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